St Stephen’s Cathedral

St Stephen’s Cathedral located in Brisbane city is one the oldest cathedrals in Brisbane. First stages of building started in 1848 at the St Stephen’s Chapel (adjacent to the main cathedral) with a Gothic Revival design. Only 60 catholic families in town held the first mass in 1850 in the Chapel. The Cathedral is an amazing architectural structure with an ambience that completely surrounds you. I had the opportunity to walk through this amazing structure prior to mass on a Sunday evening. With the large organ projecting music throughout the halls, the mood and ambience was a moment of appreciation. As I looked around, there were private prayers, people appreciating the architecture and some having a quiet moment in complete isolation.

I would recommend anyone that has the opportunity to visit this Cathedral to do so. Take in the moment of the stained glass, the stone architecture and the abundance of beauty captured in historic marble artefacts and artworks surrounding the walls and rooms.

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